Starting class soon, I’m getting it so far, but having trouble keeping up with the home work.


Yesterday was a good class, I think I learned a lot. The css seems to clean up the html page quite a bit, taking out the embedded css.

Good class, haha
.class that is.
don’t forget your # and. !
External style sheets should clean up the pages too.

Todays class was about making the presentations. I have a lot more quality when I’m in a team up there. I’m happy I didn’t have to say everything by my self. It worked out a lot better this way.

Also, I really enjoyed looking at all the different sites. Ill deffinitly think of those in the future

I thought this exercise today was a nice change of things, and also verry informitive.

Yesterday’s class was pritty worthfull since we did a lot of coding. Good start of the assingment, but we have to make our hosting site this weekend. I had trouble with it last year so ill be shure to bring it up next class once I’ve created mine. Probably brinkster, but I dunno which is easyest.

The more tags the more problems! Haha.
I like the history of the web and all that like we did in the first few classes, is there a class before this web 150?